While attending the wedding of my son’s best friend, back in 1996, Billy and I remarked at how small the venue seemed. We discovered that it was the only one that allowed its clientele to do their own catering, bar service and decorating.     We had an empty building and after some discussion my son suggested, “Mom-this is what you should do with your building.”   Of course, we all chuckled a bit and made light hearted fun of the idea; but there was something to it—and we both let the idea simmer a few weeks. Before we knew it we realized he was right.

We began converting the old bevel glass factory into a reception hall in the summer of ’96.   In April of 1997 we hosted our first wedding, (Billy’s best man at our wedding and his lovely bride).   We started small with just the original building.   It was an immediate success and we soon found that we had hit upon a solid niche; that of the do-it-yourself wedding party.   By 2005 we expanded the square footage of the original site by half and offered decorative packages as well.

In 2009 we unveiled La Solange, our honeymoon Jacuzzi cottage. Named for Billy’s grandmother and nestled beside a 150 year old live oak, it serves as an interim post nuptial retreat for soon to be honeymooning newlyweds.

Our gardens were originally planted at Magnolia Court’s inception but through the years have undergone many evolutions.   The Gazebo was erected in 1999 by Billy and a neighbor.   The pergola, walkway, deck, bench seating area and outdoor lighting followed in 2012. As you can see, we have always striven to add a little more each year which translates into giving our customers a little more.

This trend continued in January 2014 when we presented our Bridal Dressing Suite.   Converted from the old Acadian Art Glass showroom, it is a beautiful room that accommodates the bride and her retinue prior to the nuptials.

I have always believed in giving my clientele value for their purchase. I never rush my clients and I give them the options they need to individualize their events. I let them have the entire day to prepare and give them the choice to either do everything themselves or to hire decorators, caterers, etc.   It’s amazing to see how each couple brings a part of themselves and transforms our facility…no two events have ever looked the same!

I love what I do.   I love meeting couples and hearing their love and life stories so that I can really get to know them.   I stay in contact with my clients and I am always available to meet with them and answer any questions they may have.

Billy and I have been married for 24 years and have 3 children, 6 grandchildren and a great grand baby due in the spring of 2017.  Love and life has been a wonderful journey for us and I look at each of my clients knowing I will be a part of their love and life’s journey…and that’s an unexpected reward that makes it even more worthwhile.

Adrienne Thibodeaux Tate

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  1. Hello I’m trying to get an estimate on venues for myself & husband 30th birthday. We were looking at September 22 2018 for the party. If you can let me know your prices I would appreciate it. Cell phone number 337-322-9302

    1. Good Afternoon,
      After 20 years in business, we decided to close our doors at the end of 2017.
      I have turned my website, into a Louisiana Venue and Vendors list.
      When you get to my website you will see a list of Venues in the Lafayette area. I have just started and will continue to add more venues next year.
      If you need any help, please feel free to contact me.
      Adrienne, “The Wedding Whisperer”

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