Cabbage Rolls

6 Servings

Note: This is my moms recipe. It takes some time to make but it is so good. These also freeze really well, especially if you seal them using something like a Food Saver. I usually put a couple of these, along with a little gravy, in a container. After it is frozen I transfer it to a bag and seal it. This way the gravy and rolls are frozen preventing the gravy from coming out during sealing. In fact, this is the way I freeze most of my leftovers that have any type of gravy or juice…like spaghetti, soup, etc.

1 large cabbage head
1 lb. ground beef, pork, turkey or a mixture of any meats
½ cup rice
1 small onion, minced
2 eggs
2 tsp. salt
1 tsp. black pepper
1 tsp. red pepper
1 8oz. Can tomato sauce

Cut heart of cabbage out. Place head in boiling water. Take off the leaves as they are pulling away from the middle using a knife to help cut the pieces from the center core. Let cook until soft enough to roll. Place on paper towels.
Mix the meat, rice, onion, eggs and seasonings together. Place 1 Tbsp. of the meat mixture in the cup part of the leaf. Roll and hold with a toothpick. Place all rolls in a pot. Put water (the one used for boiling the cabbage) and add the tomato sauce. Cook for one hour.

NOTE: The amount of water is up to you. I like the water to boil and end up making a light tomato gravy. Therefore I only put about 2” of water in the pot, adding more if needed.

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