Magnolia Court Contract and Rules

Magnolia Court, LLC




LEASE AGREEMENT   (Revised 2015)

LESSEE _______________________________________________________

ADDRESS _____________________________________________________

CREDIT CARD _____________________

TELEPHONE NO._________________CELL NO._______________________

NAME & ADDRESS FIANCE (S)____________________________________

TELEPHONE NO.___________________CELL NO.____________________

NAME AND ADDRESS OF FIANCE(S) _______________________________

TELEPHONE NO. ___________________CELL NO.____________________



Lessor leases to Lessee Magnolia Court, LLC, at the location of 811 East Gloria Switch Road, Lafayette, Louisiana, 70507 under the following terms and conditions:

1. Lessor shall lease to Lessee Magnolia Court, LLC, for the date of ______________________.Lessee intends to use this facility for _________________________________________ from ________ on _____________ to 6 hours after my event has started (4 hrs. for event and 2 hrs. to get everything I brought in out) for the sum of $____________. Included is the indoor, outdoor, gardens, gazebo, 6’tables, round tables, chairs and cleanup. I agree that at least 2 months prior to my event date I will let Adrienne Thibodeaux Tate know when my event is to begin. I understand that there are no exceptions to the times stated above.

2. Lessee accepts full responsibility for any damage that may occur. This includes any damage to the building as well as all of the outdoor area, decking, pergola, walkway, gardens and bridal room. A credit card shall be given to be used for this deposit. The credit card will not be processed unless lessee fails to a) pay according to the pay schedule, ( 1/4 on signing contract, 1/4 due 1 month after signing contract, 1/2 of remaining balance 6 months before event and the  remaining balance due 3 months before event) b) where items done in paragraphs #7, #8 and #10 are not properly done by the Lessee, c) when damage is sustained to the ballroom or outdoor decking, pergola, walkway, gardens or gazebo as a consequence of the action or inaction of lessee, persons servicing lessees event, or lessee’s guests. Any holdover of the ballroom beyond the stated time shall for a minimum one hour increment, at the rate of $200.00 per hour which shall be charged against the credit card given for this contract unless otherwise arranged with Lessor.

3. FOOD: Lessee shall be allowed to use the catering service of its choice. Lessee shall be responsible for the actions, food preparation, and liabilities of the said catering services. Lessee agrees to protect, indemnify, defend and hold harmless lessor from any liability or claims of whatever nature arising out of or in connection with, but not limited to the negligence, errors, omissions, actions or inactions of said caterer. The ballroom kitchen is a “warming kitchen” only, and catering services shall not cook food in the ballroom kitchen. No grease frying or hot grease vats shall be allowed. No products which tend to cause lingering odor or potential spill damage to the floors or walls may be used. Specifically boiled crawfish, boiled crab and boiled shrimp are prohibited unless authority from Lessor is secured in writing.

4. BAR: Keg beer is permissible if refrigerator kegs are used. No iced down kegs or glass containers permitted. Lessor does not provide alcoholic beverages; however, Lessee shall be allowed to serve the same at its cost and expense. Lessee agrees to protect, indemnify, defend and hold harmless Lessor from any Liability or claims of whatever nature arising out of or in connections with serving or consumption of the said beverage. Lessee, it’s agents, servants, employees, or bartenders shall not serve guests and/or patrons alcohol when that person is under lawful age or when the person is intoxicated and his/her judgment is impaired as a consequence of alcoholic consumption. It will be the duty of Lessee to prevent any guest or patron to refrain from driving a motor vehicle if that person has become legally intoxicated by definition/standard of the State of Louisiana.

5. This is a private function. I will not hold Magnolia Court, LLC or Adrienne Thibodeaux Tate or William David Tate liable or responsible for any accidents to persons or property caused by my negligence, intentional acts, or other fault, arising out of my use of Magnolia Court, LLC and further agree to hold the same harmless and indemnify them as to any legal action that may ensue because of my fault.

6. Lessee must pay the balance of the rental 90 days prior to the event date. If the balance is not paid 90 days prior to the event date, Lessee authorizes Lessor to charge said balance against the above stated credit card This card will not be processed again unless needed as stated in paragraph #2 above. Lessee will not be given the key to the building on their event date unless a credit card and expiration date is given to be held for damage, etc. as stated in paragraph #2.

7. RETURN OF PREMISES: Lessee shall return the premises to Lessor with all items stated below done by the times stated above. Should Lessee fail to return the premises as stated, Lessee shall be charged a $300.00 minimum fee for cleaning which Lessee authorizes to be charged against the above stated credit card. Lessee shall be responsible for all damage caused to the premises as a consequence of its actions, inactions, and or negligence or the actions, inactions, or negligence of its guests, invitees, caterers, bartenders, servers, and servicers of the occasion and all damages may be assessed against Lessee’s credit card.

8. Lessee agrees a $30 fee will be charged for all NSF checks and credit card charge backs.


  1. All trash must be thrown in the dumpster provided, (immediately following the event). This includes, but is not limited to, the main area, kitchen, bar, bathroom and outside trash.
  2. All items must be removed from the refrigerators and ovens and the doors must be closed. No food is to be left in building.
  3. All lights in the main area, kitchen, bar and all restrooms must be turned off.
  4.  All doors must be locked.
  5. All stoves and ovens are to be used for heating items only and must be turned off when done.
  6. The key must be left in the building after the event is over. Lessee will be charged a minimum of $25.00 per day which Lessee authorizes to be charged against the above stated credit card, until the full set of keys are returned to Lessor.
  7. No smoking inside of the building. No glue, nails, screws, staples, hooks, hangers, suction cups or tape of any type on walls, floors, ceiling, tables, gazebo, pergola  or any rented items used for decorating.
  8. All personal items, food, beverages, liquor, props, flowers, dishes, chairs, tables, rentals etc., that are not the property of Magnolia Court, LLC, must be removed from inside and outside no more than 6 hours after my event has started, to allow for our early morning cleaning crews. If any items are left inside of the building Lessee agrees that the persons cleaning the building may put the items outside and Lessee will be charged a minimum of $100.00 per hour for its’ storage, whether the items are left inside or put on the parking lot. Lessee will not hold Magnolia Court, LLC,      Adrienne Thibodeaux Tate or William David Tate liable or responsible if any items left, indoor or outdoor, are missing after the event.
  9. No rice, birdseed, silly string, confetti or bubbles etc., will be used in the building.
  10.  Please keep children under supervision. No one is allowed inside the garden area where the   plants are planted. No parking, or driving, on the grass in the garden area. No food is to be cooked outdoors in the garden area, or on the decking, paved walkway or gazebo.
  11. Foods cannot be fried or cooked in Magnolia Court, LLC, or on decking, pergola, gazebo, paved walkway, or anywhere in the garden area.
  12. No fireworks can be used anywhere on Magnolia Court, LLC property.
  13.  All decorations rented from Lessor must be left in the building when your event is over. No staples, tape, nails, screws etc. may be used on any rented items. Floral wire may be used but must be removed. Greenery and flowers that is rented for decorating must be taken off of the items it was placed on and put in the storage room where they were taken. All other items, flower arrangements, champagne bucket, etc. must also be placed in the storage room.
  14. Lessee agrees not to use iced down kegs in Magnolia Court, LLC. Only refrigerated kegs can be used. No glass containers allowed.
  15.  Lessee agrees that if Lessees event is booked during the month of December, the Christmas decorations indoor and outdoor will not be removed for their event.
  16. No bonfires of any kind can be made anywhere on Magnolia Court, LLC property. This includes the parking lot and field.
  17.  No food or drink product can be used which tend to cause lingering odor or potential spill damage to the floors or walls. Specifically boiled crawfish, boiled crab and boiled shrimp are prohibited.
  18. With the exception of guests entering and exiting the building, doors are to be closed at all times so as not to create a noise problem to adjoining residents, and to insure proper air conditioning and/or heating of the facility.
  19. No silk or natural petals are to be used outdoor on the ground.
  20. All coals used from barbeque pits must not be left on Magnolia Court property. These coals must be taken back with you.
  21. The stage is to be used for a DJ or Band only.  Cakes and food tables cannot be put on the stage.
  22. No food is to be cooked on the outdoor decking, pergola, walkway, and gazebo or anywhere in the garden area.
  23.  Nothing can be hung from any of the ceiling in Magnolia Court, LLC
  24. No pets allowed unless Adrienne Thibodeaux Tate approves it.

9. If Magnolia Court, LLC is available the day before their event Lessee will have the option to rent the building for $75.00, to start decorating only, if this is approved by Adrienne Thibodeaux Tate. Lessee will not find out if Magnolia Court, LLC is available until the Tuesday before their event.

10. Magnolia Court, LLC will be inspected for damage and to be sure the items listed above have been done when it is cleaned. Failure to comply with the rules of this contract and damage to any items in or to the building or outside area (including the gardens and gazebo) will result in a charge to the credit card provided for the amount due.

11. Lessee understands there are 200 chairs and 18 tables supplied for your event. If more are needed, Lessee agrees that it is their responsibility to rent more chairs and tables. Furthermore, Lessee agrees that all tables and chairs will be set up by Lessee.

12. Lessee agrees that the building may be shown to other clients as long as their event has not started.

13. Only the event scheduled on your contract can be held.

14. No teenage parties allowed unless approved by Adrienne Thibodeaux Tate with proof that the correct amount of security guards have been hired.

15. The wooden bar cannot be moved.

16. In the event of a cancellation, Lessee will not be refunded the deposit or any amount that was put towards their rental date.  Written cancellation must be signed, by Lessee, via email, text, letter, etc., or the balance will continue to be due.  All cancellations must be made personally to Adrienne Thibodeaux Tate.

Lessee: _______________________________________ Date: ___________________  Lessor:________________________________________ Date: ___________________

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