Rhona’s Dressing Suite

Our new dressing suite has the perfect, relaxing atmosphere for our clients to dress, surrounded by THEIR closest friends and family.

Rhona’s Dressing Suite, named after my mother-in-law, was opened in January 2014.

You will find our Dressing Suite adjacent to Magnolia Court, a relaxing atmosphere that is just perfect and very spacious.  Included is a bathroom, refrigerator and bar area with over 900 square feet available at no charge.  Use it as your “get ready” space for your event at Magnolia Court.  Perfect place to dress, before photos, or a nice relaxing place with family and close friends before the big event.

dressing suite 1 e

dressing suite 2 e

We have four dressing rooms sectioned off as well as a table with four makeup mirrors.

suite bridesmaide vanity e

suite bride vanity e

We also have three vanities and three long mirrors. There are plenty of electrical outlets for your use.

suite bride dressing area e

We also have a Clothes Rack for hanging your items. This rack extends to 72″ high.

suite dress rack e

We also have a back room with the bathroom, a large round table and a refrigerator to put in sandwiches, vegetable trays, etc.  It’s important to make sure everyone has eaten a little something before they get dressed.

There is no cooking in Rhona’s Dressing Suite!




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