Emergency Wedding Day Kit


IN YOUR WEDDING DAY EMERGENCY BAG (These are just suggestions.  Use your own judgement for what you to pack in your kit)

  1. antacid
  2. aspirin/ibuprofen, advil
  3. baby powder (useful for getting out last-minute spills on a white dress)
  4. Band-Aids that match your skin tone
  5. bobby pins and hair elastics
  6. brush
  7. Cash ($20- you never know what you’ll need it for)
  8. cell phone (be sure to turn it off before the wedding)
  9. cell phone charger
  10. clear nail polish (useful for stocking runs)
  11. Clorox Wipes
  12. cologne
  13. comb
  14. contact lens solution/cases
  15. cotton balls
  16. crochet hook – for those pesky fabric buttons that are hard to grab to hook
  17. disposable camera
  18. disposable razor
  20. dental floss
  21. deodorant-(clear)
  22. driver’s license or photo I.D. card
  23. duct tape (good for any handy repairs)
  24. emery board
  25. extra copies of directions to your reception
  26. extra earring backs
  27. extra pair of flat shoes
  28. extra pair of panty hose
  29. eye drops
  30. facial cleansing cloths
  31. first aid kit
  32. gum
  33. hairdryer and any other hair tools you may need
  34. hair spray
  35. hair ties
  36. handkerchief
  37. hand sanitizer
  38. important phone numbers (family, wedding party, wedding vendors, taxi company),
  39. insect repellent (for outdoor ceremonies or events- be sure it smells nice!)
  40. iron
  41. legal documents needed
  42. lint brush/roller
  43. lotion
  44. makeup
  45. makeup remover pads
  46. medications
  47. mints
  48. mirror (small and portable)
  49. mouthwash
  50. nail file/clippers
  51. nail polish and top coat, in your choice of colors
  52. Neosporin
  53. perfume (travel size)
  54. Q-tips
  55. scissors-little pair for cutting tags
  56. sunscreen
  57. sewing kit (buttons, hem tape, needle safety pins, small scissors, straight pins, thread that matches wedding/bridal parties dresses)
  58. straight pins for wedding dance
  59. Super Glue…just in case a hell breaks
  60. straws (for drinking without messing up lipstick or dress for you and your bridesmaids
  61. swabs
  62. tampons or pad
  63. throw away garter
  64. Tide pen
  65. tissues
  66. toothbrush and toothpaste
  67. tweezers
  68. umbrella
  69. Vaseline – rub on foot where a high heal might be rubbing skin – it completely reduces friction!
  70. wash cloth or hand towel
  71. wet wipes
  72. wrinkle release spray
  73. white chalk (to cover any stains on the dress)


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