Frequently Asked Wedding Questions

Your event is fast approaching! There are some important questions you need to ask yourself:

1) Am I doing my own catering? If Yes: Have you made plans for someone to serve the food; or to clean up the leftovers and bus the tables when the event is over? If you do need someone, we at Magnolia Court, have our own Preferred Servers

2) Is someone else doing my catering? If Yes: Have you looked at several price lists and made comparisons? Check out our Select Preferred Vendors list and Other Vendors list  We list many caterers for you to get prices from.

3) Am I going to do the decorations myself? If Yes: Have you rented your decorations?  Here at Magnolia Court,  we have a wide variety of decorations as well as a wedding package on sale now.

4) Am I planning for someone else to do the decorating? If Yes: Have you looked at several price lists, photos, and different possibilities, comparing each?  Please check out our Select Preferred Vendors list  and Other Vendors list.  Bridgette Credeur and  Karen Derise who will work with you to make your event simple, elegant, inexpensive and hassle free.

5) Am I going to order my own beer, margarita machines, etc?  If Yes: Have you called and reserved them?  Please check out Party Time on our Others Vendors  list page.  Reminder:  If these items are not picked up when your event is over they must be put outside our front kitchen door for Party Time, or whomever you rent your items from, to pick them up early the next morning.

6) Am I planning to have a family member or friend serve the liquor at my event? If No: Have you made provisions to hire someone?  If you do need someone, we at Magnolia Court, have the perfect Preferred Servers.  Mr. Jim, who also cleans our building, has worked for many of our customers.


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