Ashley and Andrew Halloween wedding and reception.

Ashley and Andrew wedding party photo for Halloween wedding at Magnolia Court Reception Hall.

Bride and groom, Ashley and Andrew, along with their wedding party. Our first Halloween wedding held at Magnolia Court Reception Hall.

On the day of any event I like to go in to our facility and see how it has been set up and decorated. In 17 years of business…I have never seen the same thing twice. I love seeing the touches each of my clients put into their event. I love to see the cake…love the toppers…some are really great! I walk around and take photos, always with their permission, so that I can use some of them for my website, blog or even to put in my photo album.

Ashley and Andrew decided to take photos, with their wedding party, before the wedding. I was at the facility taking photos, when I saw them outdoor with their photographer. I was thrilled when they let me take this photo.

I just love the brides choice of her dress and the bridesmaids dresses…and the black tux with red tie was perfect! And I love the shoes…you can be assured…these bridesmaids danced all night…without hurting feet or blisters! 🙂

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