La Solange two-person Honeymoon Jacuzzi cottage located in Lafayette, La 70507

I have a journal in our cottage.  I love reading the comments from my guest.  I have decided to include these comments in my website for others to read.  Of course, I am not putting the full names of the guest that signed in the book since I don’t have permission from these past guest to include their name.

Guest Comments

Beautiful and serene little cottage.  We really enjoyed our stay.  Definitely plan to return!  Helped make our anniversary week and night our more special.  S & L

Thank you for all you did.  Our special day was perfect!! E & B

You provide a beautiful place and we enjoyed our stay.  The cottage was inviting and was the perfect place to stay as newlyweds.  We also enjoyed the hall and feel like our guests did as well.  And now we are off to Florida.  Thanks again!  The new Mr. & Mrs. B

Thank you!  We had a great time!  The cottage is beautiful.  Thanks D & D

It’s our one year anniversary and I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate it here at the cottage where we spent our 1st night as husband and wife.  Waking up this morning to a bueartiful sunny day is a great way to start to go to NOLA.  As always we love the cottage and had a INCREDIBLE EXPERIENCE.  H & B

Thanks so much for all your help.  The reception was lovely and the cottage was perfect for us to spend our first night together as husband and wife.  C & C

Great day at the cottage.  So glad we chose this place for our families to come together.  And what happens in the cottage stays in the cottage!!

What happens in the cottage, stays in the cottage!! Thank You!!

Thanks for the stay.  Me and my husband enjoyed ourselves.  The Jacuzzi was amazing and the bed is relaxing and comfortable.  The perfect getaway on our honeymoon night.  We enjoy our stay and hope to come back on our first anniversary.  M & B

Thank you for having us stay.  We had a nice, relaxing weekend.  A & N

Stayed here for our honeymoon night.  Great place.  Will love to come back again for another night  M & A

We stayed here a year ago on the night of our wedding and decided to come back for our first anniversary.  Love this place! Thanks! B & K   P.S. Thanks for the anniversary card!!!

Thank you for sharing your comfortable cottage.  We enjoyed the tub and the bed was amazingly comfortable. C & N C

Thanks Mrs. Adrienne for having such a beautiful place for a country girl and boy to have a memorable and wonderful wedding day!  Despite all the pain everything was awesome!  Mr. & Mrs. B

Thanks Ms. Adrienne.  We enjoyed the stay at the cottage and the reception hall. It was very beautiful.  Thanks for making our wedding a dream come true.  Love the new Mr. & Mrs. P

Thank you so much.  Our wedding was beautiful and the cottage made a great stay. S

Adrienne your cottage is lovely!  Thank you for the late check in and convenience.  The bath is amazing as well as the bed & entire place!  We plan on more visits – even though we are less than 3 miles away.  R & J

Came here for our honeymoon (9-18-2010) and enjoyed ourselves.  We are back 3 yrs. later and we still love it.  Thanks again.  Love Mr. & Mrs. C

Perfect getaway.  So comfortable here.  Home away from home.  Thanks.  Mr. & Mrs. B

Really enjoyed our stay.  Nice to just get away and relax.  Thanks.  Very peaceful.  Mr. & Mrs. C


We enjoyed our stay here at the cottage.  It was just so relaxing in the Jacuzzi.  The bed was amazing; my husband didn’t want to get up. :  We will return again soon.  Now my husband and I are leaving to go  to San Antonio, Texas; getting ready to start our honeymoon and future together.  Mr. & Mrs. A

This cottage was so comfortable.  it made us so relaxed to celebrate our 20th anniversary/renewal of vows this weekend.  Our family and guests had a wonderful time.  Here’s to another 20 years!!!  Mr. & Mrs. R

This place was so comforting.  The bed is so comfortable and it was pleasant to get a little piece of mind.  Mr. and Mrs. N

This place was absolutely perfect.  My bridesmaids and I got ready here before the wedding and then after the wedding my husband and I turned it into our honeymoon suite.  Thanks for everything.  Mr. and Mrs. L

This is our 2nd time here.  First was for our wedding night and now we returned for our 2nd anniversary (only because our first was spent in the hospital giving birth to our first daughter who is such a blessing).  We love it here.  It’s the perfect get-away.  So relaxing and pleasant with such great memories for us!  We will definitely be back.  Thanks again.  Mr. & Mrs.. T

Beautiful cottage!  Very adorable and relaxing.!  Mr. & Mrs. V

Had a wonderful stay at the cottage.  God Bless.  Mr. & Mrs. S

Had a wonderful stay as newlyweds!  Loved the bed and bath! Will come back again in the future. Mr. & Mrs. M

Had a wonderful stay as newlyweds!  Loved the bed and bath!  Will come back again in the future.  Mr. & Mrs. A

I booked this cottage for my husbands birthday, which is by for better than any hotel that we could have rented out for the occasion.  Very comfortable and spacious.  Will be making another visit….just because!!!! I & A

We had our wedding and reception at the hall.  It was so nice and everything was perfect.  The gazebo and gardens made for an awesome outside wedding!  The cottaage is so cute and cozy and very convenient for the bride and groom!  Thank you for everything! B & K

Dear Adrienne, once again, thank you for welcoming me to Louisiana.  The cottage is a great get-away for me.  In California we have a log cabin in the mountains….the cottage is my log cabin in the mountains 🙂  I’ll be back soon!!! R

This place was awesome.  The bed was amazing.  This was the best place to spend our honeymoon. E & T

We had an amazing night.  Thanks so much for helping make our wedding a special night.  The hall and cottage were both so nice.  J & C

Mrs. Adrienne, The cottage was amazing.  After our wedding at Magnolia Court this was the perfect night alone my husband and I needed.  The bed and bathtub are wonderful.  After all the stress from the wedding a nice long soak in the bathtub was the perfect way to relax.  We would like to thank you for everything you’ve done.  Magnolia court was the perfect place for us and the cottage was the best place to stay after our reception.  I would recommend your facilities to anyone looking for a great place to have their dream wedding.  Sincerely, B & K

Your cottage is wonderful.  Home away from home for us.  Our wedding at Magnolia Court was everything we dreamed it would be, and more.  You both are a true blessing in our life.  Thank you for making our special day above and beyond amazing.  God Bless  R & L

Magnolia Court and Therese Cottage met all of our expectations and more.  Thanks for being so reasonable & accommodating.  You made our wedding the best day of my life.

Dear Adrienne, thank you for all you did to help make our family celebration a success.  I truly enjoyed working with you.  The accommodations and Magnolia Court Hall is Great!  Thanks again, RH  P.S. I will consider you for further events!

The cottage was wonderful!  It was the perfect little getaway for the perfect occasion.  Thanks Billy and Adrienne!  God Bless! A & J

Enjoying the cottage!!  We love how relaxing it is!!  Enjoyed the tub and the BBQ pit.  Thanks so much!  J & T

Great location and very well appointed.  Thank you for proving some facilities for smoking outside.  The view was nice from the deck out back.  G & C

We had a nice time, we don’t want to leave.  We enjoyed ourselves.  Thank you so much.  M & J

Thanks so much for the stay in the cottage.  It was nice.  After a long night at the party the tub relaxed us both.  Thanks N & L

Our stay at the cottage was exactly what we needed.  We were able to relax and enjoy our anniversary night more than we would have anywhere else.  Thanks Mrs. Adrienne!  We will definitely be back!! E & Q

Thank you very much for the sty it was very nice.  We will come back.  Very nice cottage. 🙂

Ok, here is our problem with the cottage:  We don’t want to leave!  We truly enjoyed our short stay and plan to return soon! K & C

We had a great time.  What a wonderful place to spend my birthday!  Nice and relaxing.  Our second visit here and it will not be our last.  Thanks so much.  B & C

You are our life long friends and will always hold a special place in our hearts. L & R

Thank you for making our New Year one to remember.  Your cottage is cozy and romantic.  We are looking forward to our next stay on our wedding night. L & R

The Hilton is no longer my favorite place to stay – think ya’ll have them beat!! 🙂  This lovely cottage-beautifully appointed – made our 10th anniversary so special!  What’s even more amazing is that our stay was donated to an auction for my husband’s father – thank you so much for that!  We will definitely be back and tell everyone what a delight La Solange is!  J & R

We had do much fun at the reception and enjoyed our wonderful stay at the cottage.  Thanks for everything!! J & M

We LOVED our stay here!! Adrienne was so awesome and helpful.  We had our beautiful wedding at Magnolia Court.  The cottage is an awesome little retreat!  It is so quiet and comfy!!  We will be returning for little get-aways here now!! Sincerely, B&A

We loved our stay at this beautiful little cottage.  It truly became our home for the month as we prepared for our wedding and the saddest part was packing up to go.  Adrienne was so nice to us and accommodating of our needs and wants.  When we come back to visit we will surely be looking to book this place again and relive some memories.  Though hopefully we won’t spend the entire first week napping. (That bed is evil I tell you.)  We have thoroughly enjoyed our stay in this lovely little place.  Thank you again for allowing us to stay so long. Sincerely, Mr. & Mrs. A

Thank you for making our wedding so memorable!  The cottage was more than we expected.  Very spacious, wonderful tub and unbelievably comfortable bed!  Wish we could have stayed longer!  Everything was perfect! Thanks, K & C C

Thank you so much for our fabulous night in the cottage.  We’ve been on vacation for a week and it was the first good nights rest we’ve had the whole time.  I only wish we hadn’t stayed out so late so we could have spent more time here.  The cottage is incredibly clean (you must have amazing cleaning ladies!) and just feels like home!  I wouldn’t change a thing!  We will be cack very soon! Mr. & Mrs. L

Thank you for all your help.  We didn’t see any pictures of the cottages before, imagine our surprise to find such a love place! P & MM

Thanks for everything.  We had a wonderful wedding and a great time.  The cottage is lovely and everything is great. R & RW

We had our wedding at the gazebo at Magnolia Court and the reception at the hall.  Ms. Adrienne was so helpful ad accommodating.  This property was beautiful, the reception hall spacious and the cottage was relaxing and conveniently located. My new bride and I appreciate all the help.  Our wedding was beautiful.  Thank you Ms. Adrienne. J & L

We came to Lafayette 23 years ago for our Honeymoon.  Came back and had even a better time.  Great bed and Jacuzzi! R & P. B

This cottage was great and very Romantic.  It was really wonderful!  Thanks so much for having such a wonderful place so close to the reception hall and for letting us stay!  We truly loved it. Thanks, M & D. C

Too short of a stay but will be back SOON! D.

We had a perfect wedding reception! You were very helpful and understanding.  We had an absolute blast!  The cottage was the perfect place to go-waking up in that bed was heaven!  (The Jacuzzi is pretty awesome too!)  We’ll definitely keep this place in mind if we want a weekend getaway.  Many thanks. Mr. & Mr. S.W.

Awesome surprise!  Clean-convenient-Perfect little cottage!  Hope you add more.  Thank you for you hospitality.  We will be back.       D.W.

Oh my God!  Waking up in this bed after feasting at Festival International well into the morning is very nice.  We love the little house-I could live without the spinning from drinking, but all in all the time we spent here will be a wonderful memory for us to laugh about the the time to come.  Until next time.  J

To have the perfect weekend you start with the perfect lady. You end with treating her as special as you can in the perfect place. Thanks for the perfect place to help me make her feel as special as she is. The cottage is a perfect place to distress.    M & A

Our wedding reception at the hall was a blast. The cottage was the perfect little getaway. We are sad to be leaving today. The Jacuzzi was awesome and that is the most comfortable bed ever.    B & W

Our wedding was absolutely amazing, (even with the rain)! Wish we could have stayed longer…had to catch our plane to Mexico at 6am. LOVED IT!    B & C

It was the perfect place for us to getaway.  Thanks,      J & T

This cottage made our wedding special.  The quaintness of the cottage made our pictures and stay beautiful and will be remembered forever.  We can’t thank you enough for the cottage…it was great!    Mr. & Mrs. MG

Adrienne, the place was great. We love the spot.  Bed was comfy, hot tub was the best.  Thanks so much for your time and place.  Really brought me and my husband together again.  Thanks a lot.  P.S.  Nice view!    J & M

The wedding was great at Magnolia Court and the cottage is the perfect getaway after.  The hot tub’s fantastic and bed super comfy.  Thank ya’ll for everything.    A & T

Magnolia Court was the best place I’ve every hosted a Christmas party. This cabin next door made it all that much more enjoyable. It is a wonderful place to stay. We will be back. B.K.

This place is beautiful. Had a wonderful time. Hopefully we will come back and stay a few more days. This place is a home away from home. Thanks for everything. D & L

I work at a hotel, but this tops it all! I would prefer to stay here rather than a hotel! J

Love the place. Promise I’ll be back, if only to get away. A.S.

This room was great. There was lots of peace and quiet and wonderful scenery. We loved the hot tub and the Community coffee. The bed was amazing. The TV was wonderful and so was the ceiling fans in the cottage. I truly loved the place and will hopefully be back for Easter. B & J

Thank you so much for everything. The cabin was great and comfy. We loved the wonderful hot tub and comfy bed. We will definitely be back. K & D

Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. WE had plans to go out and see Lafayette but when we first entered the cottage we knew everything we needed was right here…… We enjoyed the relaxing hot tub, the very comfortable bed, and the peaceful atmosphere! Thank you again. A & N

Thank you so much for letting us use the hall and this cottage. Everything came out amazing. The hot tub w as perfect after walking all night in heels and a perfect way to relax and wind down. The bed was absolutely AMAZING. Just what we needed. Thanks bunches!!! M & A

Thank you so much for allowing us to share our amazing day with you guys. The hall was perfect for our reception and the cottage was the perfect little getaway afterward. Mr. & Mrs. G

Thank you so much. This is a cute lil cottage and we enjoyed our stay. Mr. & Mrs. G

Therese Cottage is one of the most amazing and cozy places we and I have every been to. We enjoyed ourselves and hope to stay in this place again. We also had our wedding at Magnolia Court. Everything was fantastic. JD & H

Thanks so much for everything. The cottage was wonderful. We really enjoyed ourselves. May god Bless! Mr. & Mrs. P

We loved our stay here very much. Everything was perfect. The hot tub was fab and the bed was wonderfully comfy. T & T

Had a great time, good sleep, comfy bed. Will come again for a mini vacation. R & T

Thank you for allowing us to celebrate our 13th wedding anniversary in your beautiful cottage. We enjoyed it very much, especially the Jacuzzi. K & N

Thank you so much for presenting the opportunity of staying here at “Therese Cottage”. We definitely appreciate it. We absolutely loved it. We had a blast. This place is so lovely. We really enjoyed ourselves. K & H

Thank you so much for letting us stay in the cottage. We absolutely loved it! It is just perfect. Thanks for making this Mardi Gras so memorable. K & A

This little cottage was more than we could have hoped for. “Therese Cottages” are in walking distance of the wedding hall which is very convenient after a few drinks at the wedding. The complimentary champagne and other little treats were so generous. Thank ya’ll so much. It is very eloquently decorated and the seclusion was awesome. We personally appreciated the front and back porch the most. The owner was very nice and accommodating. I would recommend this place to anyone getting married at Magnolia Court. This place really made our wedding and honeymoon so special. In fact, we enjoyed it so much we almost stayed on an extra night. You really can’t beat it for the quality, price and convenience.

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