Live Wedding/Event Painters Near Lafayette, Louisiana

Welcome to our website which gives you a complete list of Live Wedding/Event Painters to choose from in the Lafayette, Louisiana area.  We will continue to add more to our list as we do our research for you.   Adrienne “The Wedding Whisperer”

Live Wedding/Event  Painters Near Lafayette, Louisiana

Rhyanne’s Art – Live Wedding/Event Painter

Amber will come to your event and do a live painting.  With no formal instruction, her talent is one of natural inborn ability.   While this artist is painting, it is fascinating for your guests to watch and in the end you will have a painting.  If you would like more information please click on the link below.

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The perfect place to hold all of your events | Ballroom | Outdoor gardens and gazebo | Large dressing room |Honeymoon Jacuzzi cottage.