Ronnie’s Tex-Mex Chili

8-10 Servings

NOTE:  On one of the trips to Austin to see the grand kids, my son-in-law, Ronnie Lajaunie, made this recipe. Now as you’ll see, I included a recipe in here that was my moms chili. But after tasting Ronnie’s chili, I have honestly not made my moms again.
Ronnie’s chili is true Tex-Mex Homemade chili. It is meaty, rich and hearty, and just so easy to make.
I had him e-mail the ingredients…knowing that if I just knew what was in it…I could make it…
It was the first time I used a fresh Poblano pepper and jalapeno pepper in my chili…

1 lb. meat (see below for ideas) I use 3 tsp. salt, 2 tsp. black pepper and 1 tsp. red pepper per pound.
1 poblano pepper
½ green pepper
1 onion
1 jalapeño, or as much as you like
Kidney beans (1 can 14.5 oz. drained) I like to put in the juice for flavor and thickening.
16 oz. diced tomatoes with sauce
8 oz. tomato sauce
Beef broth/chicken broth, either or both…use what you have
2 Tbsp. Mexene (chili powder) Ronnie thinks this is the difference maker.
½ teaspoon cumin
Little basil
Little garlic powder
Little sugar
Pinch of baking soda

Brown seasoned meat. Add onions, peppers, garlic and let sauté. Add the chili powder, cumin, basil, garlic powder and sugar. Mix well. Add diced tomatoes and tomato sauce. Mix and bring to boil. Add the pinch of baking soda. Let cook as long as you can, at least 1 hour, adding the kidney beans about ½ hour before serving.
NOTE:  For peppers, I don’t think it matters too much. I like to just grab a few different things at the store. I’ve put Serrano’s before and I don’t notice much difference.
For meat, you can just whatever you like. I’ve used ground beef before. The last few I’ve made I’ve used ground turkey with some cubed pork (for a more chunky looking chili). I personally took ½ lb. each of ground pork and chuck…yum…that was good.

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