Specialty Wedding and Event Vendors near Lafayette, Louisiana

Welcome to our website which gives you a complete list of wedding vendors to choose from in the Lafayette, Louisiana area.  Because I have come across some different and unusual vendors, I have added this new page.  We will continue to add more to this Specialty list as we do our research for you.   Adrienne “The Wedding Whisperer”

The Sweetest Thing Gourmet Cotton Candy LLC – Rochelle Darby

An event caterer who makes gourmet cotton candy located in Sulphur, Louisiana near Lafayette, LA.

Rochelle is in Sulphur, Louisiana and insured with a serve safe certificate.  She brings something different to your event!  All her cotton candy is organic, certified GMO free.  There are no artificial colors or artificial flavors, vegan and gluten free.  (NOTE:  She is open to using traditional “fair” cotton candy as well to help with your budgeting requirements.)  She offers live spinning at your event or prepackaged cotton candy.  Many clients choose a combination of both.  Her set up includes a cute cart.  The cart skirting can be customized to match your color scheme.  If you would like more information please click on the link below.

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