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Planning Your Rehearsal Supper

Dustin and rebecca

Planning a wedding can be stressful enough.  It’s one of the reasons I try to give you all of the tools you will need to plan this special occasion.

Four to six months before your date it’s time to start looking for a rehearsal dinner location.   Finding a location that fits into your budget is very important.

Traditionally, the rehearsal dinner falls on the groom’s family…but times are changing.  Many of my couples are either paying for part or all of their own wedding….or if the parents are paying for their wedding, they are very conscious of the budget they have been given and realize there are ways to cut expenses.

Having the rehearsal dinner at a parent or relative’s house, especially outdoors, is one option.    When you are talking about it and the sun is shining, it sounds like a great idea!  But what if it rains?  Do you have a plan B?   Is there enough room in the house to seat all of the wedding party and their guests?  And do you have a plan on who will cleanup afterward?

Then there is the option of a restaurant.  Another good idea!  But then again that can cost a pretty penny….and we’re talking about just one night!

That’s why we have so many rehearsal suppers here at Magnolia Court Reception Hall.  For a small fee you have a wonderful place outdoors, if weather permits, or indoors if it doesn’t.  Many couples decide to do a gumbo or jambalaya with some sides.  Or if your relatives want to help, ask them to bring a dish!

You can supply water and tea and if you don’t mind your guests drinking, they can bring their own.  Just remember, keep it simple, and stay in budget!

Happy Planning!