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Catering Table Options


catering tables

When it comes to setting up your catering tables, you have many options.  Of course, there is the traditional “L” shaped, as shown in the first photo.  The second photo shows the straight line…which is also good.  The main thing to remember is never to make a “U” shape….guests tend to “bottleneck” in the middle and the line will not move well.

A unique, trendy idea that will also increase the mingling of the guests is a food station reception with each table having a different theme of food and/or floral displays.

One table could be a display of cheeses with a variety of breads, fresh fruit and vegetables.  You could supply several dips for the fruit and vegetables.

Perhaps you and/or your fiance love tacos….why not designate one table a taco station…with a variety of condiments for your guests to use.  You could become very creative with putting not only the traditional lettuce, cheese, sour cream, tomatoes and avocados…but perhaps a few different local salsas!  I recommend Cajun Power Salsa made locally here in Abbeville, Louisiana.   It’s my personal favorite!

One table could have a slow cooker filled with jambalaya…pork and sausage jambalaya is not only a great filler for your guests…but it is also easy to make and can be made a few days ahead…waiting until the day of your event to put in the rice.

Why not have a popcorn station… with a variety of different flavors of popcorn!  Items could be placed in large clear glass containers with scoops for self serving.  The kids will not only love it but so will many of the adults.  (I recently went to a conference and this was used at one of the cocktail parties.   The table had  6 varieties of popcorn…you couldn’t keep the guests away from those tables!)

Always remember to keep in mind the food allergies that some of your guests may have.  Remember to label each item…especially the seafood and nuts.

Whatever you decide to do…remember it’s your event…make it your own by putting the food items you like and be creative!

Happy Planning!