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Bridal Dressing Room A Must!

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It is so important to have a place large enough for not only yourself but your bridesmaids and moms to get ready before your wedding reception.  There are a few options you can use.

For many years our clients had a choice of hoping to find a relative’s house that was large enough for everyone to dress in…and then get them to come and get all of their items they had left there after the wedding reception …or rent a hotel room or two for everyone to dress in.

What better way to start your day than to have all of your wedding party with you and a perfect place to take photos while getting ready, than a bridal suite just for you!

While at a wedding conference in 2013,  we decided to make a bridal dressing room our top priority for 2014.

We completed the 900 sq. foot dressing suite and named our new area, Rhona’s Dressing Suite, after my mother-in-law, who was a very dear friend of mine.

My clients get the key to Rhona’s Dressing Suite at 9am the morning of their wedding.  This gives them ample time to do their hair, makeup, dress, etc.  There are 3 vanities as well as a large glass table with four makeup mirrors and chairs.  We have a large dress rack for the dresses to hang as well as four dressing rooms, three full length mirrors, a bar, refrigerator and bathroom.

Each bride I have shown our dressing room to walks in amazed at the size and what the room has to offer for their wedding party.  If it helps make my brides just a little bit more relaxed to have a place to get ready…..I’ve done my job.

Happy Planning!