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Accommodations for Your Wedding Night

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The wedding reception is over.  Have you planned where you will be staying your first night as Mr. and Mrs.?

There are some couples who  cannot afford a honeymoon trip right away….with plans to take a trip later.   I still tell them to try to plan something for your first night together as a married couple…..it should be special and romantic.

And then there are some couples that do have a honeymoon planned but are not leaving until the day after their reception.  Either way, take into considerations several factors.

Are you planning to drink at your wedding?  If so, make sure you have a driver to take you to your destination, with plans the following day to pick up your car.  Or you could park your car at the lodging and have someone bring you to your venue.  Whatever you have decided…….just make sure you are not stranded the next day!

If you have booked your event with us take advantage of our two-person Honeymoon Jacuzzi cottage.  You don’t have to drive on the road to get to the cottage from our reception hall.  You can either drive on our property or you can easily walk to the cottage.

Happy Planning