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Garden Weddings And Mother Nature

bryan and kyleen outdoor

Many of my customers who book with us want to have a garden wedding.  I tell them all the same thing…..you must have a plan B.  Mother Nature will tell you what you can and can’t do.  Fortunately my brides understand this….and have a plan if they have to move the wedding indoors.

Yesterday was a good example of this.  On Friday the grounds were still wet….too wet to put chairs down because when the guests sat down the chairs would sink.

But we still had one more day before Brian and Kyleen’s wedding.  The wind was blowing and the sun was shining…that was a good sign!   Kyleen and I spoke on Friday……she had a plan B to move her wedding indoors…but she really wanted an outdoor wedding.  They were going to wait and see what Saturday looked like.  Great idea!

By Saturday morning the wind and sun from Friday had dried the grounds enough to move the chairs outdoors.  Crystal with Acadiana Event Rentals was already in the gardens decorating the gazebo when my husband and I arrived to clean all of the leaves out of the garden area and path.

Brian and Kyleen were lucky….but most importantly, Kyleen had a great attitude….this was her day.  Attitude is everything!