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Your Wedding and Beyond!

1515050_10202518929311818_643519335_ngrandkids 2014

Planning your wedding can be stressful…..but while you are in the process of planning please remember that though it is very important…beyond your wedding is really what it’s all about.

This month Billy and I will be married for 25 years.  Above are photos of our grandchildren….that’s what I’m talking about!  The years after your wedding when you start to plan your family…and believe me, time just flies by!  Before you know it your children are all  grown up and have children of their own….and then you’re grandparents!

I know it’s hard to imagine all of this now…when you are busy planning your wedding…but my point is don’t be stressed over the little things that go wrong.   Remember that you are marrying your best friend…..the person you will spend the rest of your life with and build a future with.

These things are very important, whether you believe it or not right now.  I love seeing my past couples who post their photos of their babies and the changes that are taking place in their lives.

So try to stay calm during your planning.  And remember…your wedding is just the beginning of your new life!

Happy Planning