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Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Wedding Day Emergency Tackle Box via weddingdaypin.com

It’s your big wedding day!  It’s an exciting day…but now you have dropped the push back post to one of your earrings on the floor…and you just can’t find it!  Problem?  No it’s not…because you have downloaded my Wedding Day Emergency Kit and you have spares in your kit!  Whew…aren’t you glad you had that packed?

I have had this list on my website for years…and have added many items as I think of or read about them.  Then I came across this idea and thought….wow…what a great way to stay organized.  And a tackle box is so inexpensive!

Before your big day check out my list to the right of this blog, Magnolia Court Emergency List.  There are just too many items to list here.!

Remember….some of these items you may not feel you need, because they just don’t pertain to you or your wedding party.  Just leave those items out.  But I promise you…this list is very important!

Especially the first item….DON’T FORGET YOUR MARRIAGE LICENSE!

Happy Planning!