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Is Your Pet “One of the Family”?

Daisy 2  Daisy

It’s not unusual…because it’s happen to us…to have a couple that want to include their pet in their event.  I had one customer who wanted their dog to be the ring bearer.

We had a dog for 17 years…Daisy was very much a part of our family.  This is why I totally can understand when a customer of ours wants to include their pet in their “special day”.  Yes, we at Magnolia Court Reception Hall do allow this.

There are a few things that you must consider because even if they have gone to obedience school….they are still a pet.  Below are a few tips that I suggest if you want to include your pet in your event.

Designate someone who isn’t in the bridal party to watch your pet for the day.  Make sure your pet is allowed to run and play during the day…to get out as much energy as possible.  We have a large field for additional parking at our facility…the perfect place for your pet to run and play.  Please remember to bag any “poop”….you don’t want your guest walking in that!

Take photos of your pet before the event or even on a different day.  If your pet is going to be a ring bearer, practice with your pet a few times.  If your pet is going to wear a new item…like a bow tie collar or a ring pillow…put it on several times before the event…offering treats for a job well done while you practice.

Make sure your pet relieves himself right before your event…you sure don’t want an accident happening during your event.

Please remember you are dealing with an animal and anything can happen….if things don’t go quite as planned…try to laugh it off and stay relaxed.

After all, I’ve seen some crazy things happen with a child who is a flower girl or ring bearer….it just makes your wedding more personal and is always a good story to tell!

Remember…have fun!  Relax!  Enjoy your day!

A Wonderful Wedding Idea!


My son, Zack, met and married a wonderful girl, Kaysha, who had a daughter, Jenna, then four. ( Oh, my…she just turned 13 this year and now they have two children of their own, Addison and Molly…how time flies!)

When Zack and Kaysha got engaged, Jenna would say, “we’re getting married”.  After Zack and Kaysha exchanged vows and the rings, Zack bent down to Jenna, who was standing next to her mom, and put a ring on Jenna’s finger too!  Jenna was so excited and surprised.  It was very touching to watch as Jenna was included in this very special way.  I don’t think there was a dry eye in the reception hall…it was a surprise for everyone….including me!

Remember, when you are getting married and there are children, to include them in some kind of way.  This is a special and big day for you, as well as for them.

wedding 4

Should I Have a Friday Wedding?


ABSOLUTELY!  Friday night weddings are becoming more and more popular. So are Sunday afternoon weddings!  Brides and grooms are looking for ways to save money, some wedding venues and vendors typically have major discounts for Friday or Sunday weddings.

Remember…by the time Friday rolls around…people are looking for something to do Friday nights…what better way to unwind and celebrate the beginning of the weekend…than at your wedding!

By choosing a Friday or Sunday wedding, some of your out of town guests may not be able to make your “special” event because of travel or work obligations.  But the local guest are sure to attend!

I always suggest to my clients to make sure they send out Save-the-Dates to your out of town guest, at least 6 months before the wedding, so they can ask and plan for time-off well in advance.

Haloween Wedding at Magnolia Court Reception Hall

Ashley and Andrew wedding party photo for Halloween wedding at Magnolia Court Reception Hall.
Bride and groom, Ashley and Andrew, along with their wedding party. Our first Halloween wedding held at Magnolia Court Reception Hall.

On the day of any event, I like to go to our facility and see how it has been set up and decorated. In our 17 years of business…no two have ever looked the same….and I’ve been amazed, many times, at the transformation our facility takes.

I love seeing the “personal touch”  each of my clients put into their event.   I walk around and take photos, always with their permission, so that I can use some of them for my website, blog or even to put in my photo album.  On this day…I was lucky !

Ashley and Andrew decided to take photos, with their wedding party, before the wedding. I was at the facility taking photos, when I saw them outdoor with their photographer. I was thrilled when they let me take this photo.

I just love the brides wedding dress, as well as the bridesmaids dresses…and the black tux with red tie was perfect! And I love the shoes…you can be assured…these bridesmaids danced all night…without hurting feet or blisters! 🙂

Being comfortable and feeling beautiful…is such a perfect match!