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Wedding Day Emergency Kit

Wedding Day Emergency Tackle Box via weddingdaypin.com

It’s your big wedding day!  It’s an exciting day…but now you have dropped the push back post to one of your earrings on the floor…and you just can’t find it!  Problem?  No it’s not…because you have downloaded my Wedding Day Emergency Kit and you have spares in your kit!  Whew…aren’t you glad you had that packed?

I have had this list on my website for years…and have added many items as I think of or read about them.  Then I came across this idea and thought….wow…what a great way to stay organized.  And a tackle box is so inexpensive!

Before your big day check out my list to the right of this blog, Magnolia Court Emergency List.  There are just too many items to list here.!

Remember….some of these items you may not feel you need, because they just don’t pertain to you or your wedding party.  Just leave those items out.  But I promise you…this list is very important!

Especially the first item….DON’T FORGET YOUR MARRIAGE LICENSE!

Happy Planning!



A Wedding Budget Reminder

Bryan BlonPhoto by Bryan Blon Photography

So you’ve planned your wedding budget.  That’s a good thing.  But remember the fifty dollars spent here or a hundred dollars there…..that you didn’t figure into your budget….adds up!

Let’s talk about “your look” for the day.  Make sure to add everything into your budget for “your look”.  Take into consideration not just the dress……remember to add all of the other expenses that come into play.

Let’s just say you decided on $1500….that doesn’t mean you can buy a $1500 dress….there is tax to consider.   What if you ordered it instead….there will be shipping costs involved.

And don’t forget the alterations!  Many of my customers are surprised with how much alterations cost!   And then you need to figure in your undergarments, nails, pedicure and jewelry as well.

Are you having your hair done by a stylist?  If so, this cost needs to figure into your budget as well.  And speaking of hair….what about your veil….that can be costly….so make sure to figure that into your budget.

And of course your shoes are very important!  Try to stay away from buying shoes that are marketed as “bridal shoes”….instead buy a nice pair of pumps or sandals that  you know you will wear in the future.  Your comfort should be your only real concern…you want to enjoy your day…hurting feet will not be fun!



A Wonderful Wedding Idea!


My son, Zack, met and married a wonderful girl, Kaysha, who had a daughter, Jenna, then four. ( Oh, my…she just turned 13 this year and now they have two children of their own, Addison and Molly…how time flies!)

When Zack and Kaysha got engaged, Jenna would say, “we’re getting married”.  After Zack and Kaysha exchanged vows and the rings, Zack bent down to Jenna, who was standing next to her mom, and put a ring on Jenna’s finger too!  Jenna was so excited and surprised.  It was very touching to watch as Jenna was included in this very special way.  I don’t think there was a dry eye in the reception hall…it was a surprise for everyone….including me!

Remember, when you are getting married and there are children, to include them in some kind of way.  This is a special and big day for you, as well as for them.

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