Wedding Budget Ideas

All engaged couples want a beautiful wedding, but weddings can be expensive. There are many small ways you can cut costs and still have the beautiful wedding of your dreams.

Remember…fifty dollars here or a hundred dollars there may not seem like much at the time…but they do add up. The following post will help to give you ideas of ways to cut your costs.

  • Maybe you have $1500 set aside for your look. That doesn’t mean you can buy a $1500 gown…tack on tax, and if you are not buying off the rack, adding shipping and alternations. Remember to add your undergarments, shoes, hair accessories, nails, pedicure and jewelry as well.
  • Hold your wedding and reception in the same place. You’ll save on multiple site fees and transportation from one location to the other.
  • Forget the full bar. Instead, serve beer, wine and perhaps one or two signature cocktails that you have personalized with a cute name and in your wedding colors.
  • Who says you have to have a full course meal? One way around this is to have a reception that takes place later in the evening, say 7 or 8pm. What you do is have nice tasty desserts for your wedding. This could be sheet cake, wedding pie, pastries, sundaes, squares, brownies (a variety of them) coffee, tea and champagne. Again, think outside the box.
  • If you are fortunate enough to have a venue, like Magnolia Court, which allows you to do your own food….keep in mind that “Dessert Tables” are really big this year. Why not ask some relatives to make their favorite pie, cake, candy etc. You can put a card in front of the dessert with information on who made it. Sometimes relatives will wish they had that recipe….so why not ask for it and make copies for your guests.
  • Don’t buy shoes that are marketed as “bridal shoes”…..instead buy a nice pair of pumps or sandals that you know you will wear in the future. Your comfort should be your only real concern.
  • Many of my customers are planning amazing weekend getaways that you can drive to, but feel like they have escaped for a mini vacation….and everyone is saving money along the way. Louisiana has so many wonderful places to getaway for a weekend….think New Orleans, or Therese Cottage….nice, clean, quiet and close.
  • Today’s world has helped everyone to highlight our basic needs in life. Weddings are certainly no different. The foundation of the event, details that mean the most to the couple, like photography and food are being focused on, not opulence and pretense.
  • Consider what will bring you the most joy and unforgettable memories and plan your budget around that.
  • Flower Budget Idea:  Use more greenery than flowers and stick to just one or two kinds of flowers, buy the flowers that are in season, swap out costly flowers for less expensive ones.
  • Ways To Save On Your Reception: 
  • Cut the guest list, you will save on food, invitations and the number of centerpieces.
  • Prepare your own food, bring your own beverages. Hold your ceremony and reception at the same spot, you will save cost on the vendors you pay by the hour.
  • Skip the Saturday wedding.
  • Shop off season for extra decor – get black vases after Halloween and red and pink after Valentine’s Day.
  • If you can purchase your own drinks you will save yourself a bundle. But if you don’t want keg beer, then go with cans. We have a brand new pirogue (a type of Cajun boat we had made that is insulated like an ice chest with drain holes) This can be use to ice down your drinks, beer, water, cokes etc.
  • J Varisco Events wrote, (Order a smaller, but fancy and elaborate wedding cake, which your guests will see and which will be cut. Order another similar sheet cake that will be cut in the kitchen and served to the guests. Since the sheet cake will not be cut in front of your guests, none will be the wiser, and you will end up saving a great deal of money on your wedding cake.)
  • Hidden Wedding Costs:  Remember when planning your budget and buying your invitations, to include the cost to mail them. Over sized, awkwardly shaped and bulky invitations will cost more to mail, as much as $2 each. Avoid this by skipping the fancy boxed invitations and multi layer cards, which can cost a lot more to mail than you bargained for.
  • All reception halls as well as photographers and video specialists charge an amount for a certain amount of time. Any time used after is considered “by the hour”. Plan your time well so this cost will not creep up on your special day. Here at Magnolia Court we do not rush our customers. We book only one event per day starting at 9am the day of your event. Once your event starts you have use of our facility for six hours…any time over that is an extra cost.
  • When picking out your wedding dress, ask the attendant the prices on all and any alterations you will need. Once you are given a price by the store, you may want to check on prices by an out of store seamstress to have your alteration done.

My customers have many questions when preparing for their reception. I always tell them that sometimes the answer to these questions is in their own budget.

Can you afford to hire a caterer, or will you be better off doing your own food.

Should I hire a decorator, or decorate the facility myself.

(Remember SIMPLE is ELEGANT) Check out our Frequently Asked Questions link. Some of your answers to your questions could be there.

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