Wedding Ideas and Helpful Hints

You absolutely can have the wedding of your dreams and I’m here to let you know that it is absolutely within your reach.  At this moment, you can begin to create a wedding that resembles no other wedding you have ever been to.

Remember to pack your Wedding Emergency Kit.

  • Please, please, please remember to check that the flowers you want for your wedding will be in bloom at the time of your event.  It can cost a small fortune to have the flowers you want…if they are not in season.
  • Photo Booth…the big thing right now is instead of having a guest book…have a photo booth on site so your friends and family can take their own pictures or group shots. Freeze Frame Photo booths (listed under Organizing Your Events) puts the photos together in an album and your guest can sign and add your greetings in the book!  They did one of these for a friends wedding…it was awesome and they are great to work with!
  • While doing research on the new trends for 2013 I’m finding that everyone is talking about patterns!  From polka dots to stripes…many are using geometric patterns combined with their colors.  It’s what’s HOT!
  • Lace, lace and more lace….it has been a mainstay in bridal fashions for centuries, but it seems to be making a comeback right now.  It’s not just for the gown….lace details in wedding decor is becoming a hot trend, too.
  • I recently read in a wedding blog that weddings will become more stripped back and minimalist.  Couples will want to get back to basics and let the wedding be more about them.  So the old phase ‘less is more’ will come into play.  Personally I’ve seen this going on for years with my customers…
  • Another ‘new trend’ I’ve been reading about is ‘The Fun Factor’.  More couples are being more creative with a variety of ideas to make their reception ‘fun’.  One of the ideas I’ve read about is being creative with food stations.  Especially for summer is snow cones, cotton candy and candy apples.
  • Food trucks are really a big idea right now.  I have one listed under Organizing Your Event, caterers.  Anita with Munchies Lunch Box, who owes her own truck, is listed there.
  • Entertainment will also get interactive, with couples hiring everything from live event artists, on-site poets and dance instructors to magicians & tarot card readers.
  • The bouquet toss is on it’s way out and fast….but remember…if it’s right for you…then still do it!
  • Wedding dresses with pockets…who would have thought…but I must say that my daughter would have loved this idea…especially a ‘hidden pocket’.  Perfect for a handkerchief or even lipstick…which with all that kissing you’ll need to reapply.
  • Still very popular this year is picking a color for your bridesmaids to wear and asking them to pick their own dresses.  I personally think this is a great idea.  We all come in different sizes and shapes…gone are the days where everyone has the same kind of dress…knowing some look horrible in theirs.  And remember, they pay for their dresses…so if they get to pick one that ‘fits their shape’ they have a better chance of wearing that dress again.  A win-win situation!  Of course, you should have a chance to see what they have picked for your approval first!

Below are different things I have written in the past two years…there are many useful ideas so please read them all.  Again, if you have any questions, I’m here to help.  You may call me at 337-264-9616 or Contact Me by e-mail.

  • I just recently attended a wedding and they had a photo booth!  I can’t tell you how wonderful and fun that addition was.  I was able to see the completed photo album…with writing and sayings from the guests!  This added feature really spiced up the event.  The company I have listed on my website under Organizing Your Event, Freeze Frame Photobooths, had many props available for your friends and family to use in their pictures.  Each guest also received a copy of the four photos that were put in the bride and grooms photo album….I’d say this is a  perfect substitute for favors than the traditional kind…..they were so helpful also in encouraging your guests to have fun with the photos…once the curtains are closed, almost anything can happen!  I saw in the album that guests, young and old, find their inner Rock Star, Diva or Party Animal…
  • Have a talk with your fiancé before the big day….  NO CAKE FOOD FIGHTS    when cutting the cake.  It will not only mess up makeup, hair and possible your clothes….it will start your marriage off on a very bad tone.
  • Years ago it was believed that you should have only two wedding colors. But the latest new look are as many (or as few) as you want.  Just make sure all of the colors work together.  Of course, if you want a timeless dress for your bridal party, you can always do classic black with vibrant accessories and bouquets.
  • Just a reminder:  Some DJ’s only play music.  If you want your DJ to make announcements….make sure to check with him on your request, before you hire him….he needs to have experience doing this as well as a good speaking voice.
  • There are many rules surrounding marriage licenses so research your rules months before your wedding.  Here in Louisiana your marriage license is only good for 30 days.  There is also a 72 hour waiting period, so don’t try to get it the day before the wedding.
  • What are your wedding colors?  Colors that are HOT are: green, yellow, orange and pink.  Metal colors like gold, silver, copper and pewter are also HOT.  Single colors in bunches that are different sizes and shapes.  And of course, black, black, and more, black…go ahead and show off your dramatic flare.
  • Making every guest feel appreciated is back in a big way.  People want their guests to know that they are honored to have them share their special day and how much that means to them.  They are placing a lot of thought into their favors.  Gone are the days of generic candy covered almonds-think locally grown products, artisans, personalized mementos and eco friendly items.
  •  Your bridal bouquet is one of the most important elements of your attire.  Because of this, it deserves special attention.  Start by selecting the color and shape of your bouquet.  Remember to carry your bouquet low enough so that all the intricate details of your gown are visible.  Be sure to make your final arrangements for your bouquet and all other flowers well in advance of your wedding date.  Also remember to confirm your final order and delivery time a few days before your wedding.
  • When you first start planning a wedding, the process can seem completely overwhelming. You want everything to turn out perfectly down to the smallest detail, but it can be difficult to know where to start. One of the first things you need to do is research wedding venues. First, you need to decide your wedding budget. Be sure to reserve your date because the best venues book up fast
  • Be sure to pack these important items a week or two before and stash these items in a small bag.  Ask one of your maids to hold the bag and bring it in the day of your event while you are dressing. (Breath mints, travel size mouth wash, compact mirror, hairpins, hairspray, cotton swabs, eye drops, hairbrush and/or comb, nail glue, wet ones, nail file, tissues, safety pins)
  • There are many myths concerning weddings. An example; You have to have the same number of bridesmaids and groomsmen. Not true. For my daughters wedding some of the groomsmen walked two of the bridesmaids at once. This is perfectly fine. What’s important is that everyone you feel close to is a part of your day – just remember, there is no rule that says both sides should have the same number.
  • Many of my customers ask: How far in advance should I send out invitations? Usually 6-8 weeks before the event. This gives your guests plenty of time to clear their schedules for the day and those needing to can make their travel arrangements. Remember, if some of your out of town guest need lodging to check with us to make arrangements.

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