Here are some Wedding Planning questions you need to ask yourself while planning your wedding.

You’ve got the ring…’re ready to plan your wedding….now what?  While wedding planning can be exciting, there are so many things to take care of…so many details to arrange that it can seem overwhelming.   Here are a list of links to help you Plan Your Wedding.

Remember this, if you are booking a venue that is “All Inclusive” then you will already have all of these taken care of by the venue.  But if you are on a tighter budget, and intend to do some of the catering, decorating, etc. yourself…then check out the wedding planning questions below and make sure you have covered all of your basis.

There are some important questions you need to ask yourself:

1) Am I doing my own catering?

If Yes: Have you made plans for someone to serve the food; or to clean up the leftovers and bus the tables when the event is over?

2) Is someone else doing my catering?

If Yes: Have you looked at several price lists and made comparisons? Check out our Other Wedding Vendors list  We list many caterers for you to get prices from.

3) Am I going to do the decorations myself or hire a decorator? 

If you need to rent decorations or hire a decorator check out our Other Wedding Vendors List for a list of vendors who can help you.

5) Am I going to order my own beer, margarita machines, etc? 

If Yes: Have you called and reserved them?  Please check out Party Time on our Other Wedding Vendors List  page.

6) Am I taking care of all liquor and drinks? Am I planning to have a family member or friend serve the liquor at my event?

If No: Have you made provisions to hire someone?  Having your family member will help safe you money….just make sure they realized this is an important job and must be watched properly so no one underage is served alcohol.



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