Wedding Reception Ideas

  • Giving gifts to your bridal party shows them how much you appreciate all of their help over the last few months…but it has now taken up a whole new direction.  Recently my daughter was in a wedding and the bride, her sister-in-law gave them each a purse that matched their dress, filled with goodies….like a pair of flip flops to match their dress for later in the night, band aids, mints, mouthwash, perfume, lotion, chap stick/lip gloss, tampon, bobby pins, ponytail holders, q-tips, ibuprofen, etc.  Use your imagination to make the perfect gift for them.
  • Make sure to tell your family, at the rehearsal supper, where their reserved tables are.  Those “cute” reserved signs will mean nothing if your family doesn’t know they are reserved for them.
  • I’ve heard many horror stories about wedding gifts….from forgetting to pack them….to having them stolen.  You have invited the guests that you know…but some will bring their own guests…that you may not know.  Be sure to assign a relative or friend to gather the gifts and put them away safely in the car.  Have someone assigned to keep the gifts safe until you return from your honeymoon.
  • Good food goes a long way to making your guests happy.  You don’t need a fancy or expensive meal to do this.  Think of foods in terms of a theme or a certain style.  For example, you could only serve different kinds of desserts.  Another option would be serving only Mexican foods.  Just think “outside the box” to make your event special.
  • Just an idea that one of my customers had.  She put a silver bowl of sugared fruit at her table as centerpieces.  It made a beautiful, unexpected centerpiece, rather than the traditional floral centerpiece.
  • Give your wedding cake an extra wow-factor with a tricked out cake table. Wrap it in vines or sting lights. Construct it out of stacks of books, or ask your florist to swap in tall vases of submerged flowers for a look that will make your guests do a double take.
  • I am having so many customers that are doing a Candy Table!  Also, many customers are doing an activities table for the children attending the wedding to enjoy. Just some different things to consider.
  • I just read an article that said a new idea is a Potato chip-bar complete with all the dips and a variety of chips.  Take time to talk to your caterer about this or if you are fortunate enough to have your wedding reception booked at Magnolia Court and you can prepare your own food, personalize a table just for the chips and dips.
  • When planning your “big day” reception food, be sure to serve food that you’d want to eat.  Think about what foods make you happy….whether it be watermelons, donuts or tacos-add them to your menu.

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