Wedding Day Ideas

These are ideas to help make your wedding day run smoothly

  • It is not “bad luck” to see your fiancé before the wedding.  In fact, many couples would like that “moment” of seeing each other to be shared by only themselves rather than in front of all of their guest. Your photographer can even take photos of you at that time.
  • Start your wedding day with a healthy breakfast.  And while on the subject of food, your bridesmaids are probably going to be too busy before the ceremony to stop for a meal.  Set a aside time that day for lunch with sandwiches, chips, fruit, and other snacks to make sure they get some food beforehand.
  • Make sure your phone is fully charged and pack your cell phone charger.  You will probably be getting a lot of phone calls the day of your wedding—then put someone else in charge of answering it.
  • Sometimes just the smallest details are forgotten …. make sure your wedding dress is on a nice hanger.  You don’t want an ugly hanger in the photo of your wedding dress that your photographer takes, before you put on your dress.
  • Have an original theme.  There are all kinds of interesting themes you could have for your wedding.  You don’t have to stick with normal ones.  You could have a chocolate wedding, a coffee wedding…the list goes on and on.  Just use your own imagination for more ideas.
  • Make sure the guys try on their tuxes when they pick them up!  Make sure there aren’t any size switches with others in the group and that everyone has their appropriate tux. Make sure you have all the accessories and pieces that should be included in your tux. (bowtie or regular tie, a cummerbund or vest, cufflinks and shoes)  And don’t forget the socks….the right color for your attire….please!
  • Since the idea of inviting people to your wedding is so that they can experience the joy of it, you will want your elderly guests seated as close to the action as possible so they can see and hear clearly. If they are in wheelchairs or have walkers or canes, then instruct your ushers to seat them at the end of the row (so that they can get in or out easily) and return to escort them after the recessional.
  • Give your wedding cake an extra wow-factor with a tricked out cake table. Wrap it in vines or sting lights. Construct it out of stacks of books, or ask your florist to swap in tall vases of submerged flowers for a look that will make your guests do a double take.
  • New ideas are so wonderful!  When having a garden wedding, instead of flowers for the bridal bouquet, give your attendants beautiful fans to carry.  They make a dramatic fashion statement while providing cool relief for an outdoor wedding.
  • This is just an idea that I got from one of my customers.  After one of the weddings held at Magnolia Court in the garden area, the bride and groom asked the guests to linger for a group photo in the garden area.  That photo was later used as the cover for the couple’s thank-you cards… neat an idea!
  • I recently read an article about a couple whose two-year-old ring bearer was a little aisle shy.  So the groom did what anyone would do….bribe him with candy.  From the altar, the groom flashed a bag of jellybeans, his favorite, to coax the young boy down the aisle.  Naturally, it worked.
  • Another idea used at Magnolia Court for an outdoor wedding, (especially if you’re fortunate enough to have a stunning view as our garden area is to add a pop of color to every other inner-aisle chair by attaching a cluster or large flower (hydrangeas, dahlias, and roses work well).  Remember, an outdoor wedding will not last more than about fifteen minutes.  Spend more of your decoration budget for the indoor area and reception where your guesst will spend more time.  Simple is Elegant!
  • My son, Zack met and married a wonderful girl, Kaysha, who had a daughter, Jenna, then four.  When they got engaged, Jenna would say,” we’re getting married”.  After Zack and Kaysha exchanged vows and the rings, Zack bent down to Jenna, who was standing next to her mom, and put a ring on Jenna’s finger too!  She was so excited and surprised.  It was very touching to watch as Jenna was included in this very special way.  Remember, when you are getting married and there are children, to include them in some kind of way.  This is a special and big day for you, as well as for them.


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